Thank you for supporting River of Grace Church!

We believe that God invites us to be generous with what he has given to us. We aslo believe that God has ordained the local church to be on the front lines of his mission to make disciples to the ends of the earth. When you give to River of Grace, you are giving towards the mission. If you would like to learn more about what the Bible says about giving, CLICK HERE.

How to Give

With the link below you can give a one-time gift to the River of Grace Church or set up regular recurring commitments to be automatically drafted from your checking account, debit or credit card. This method is safe, secure and you won’t have to worry about writing a check each week or mailing an offering when you are away. 

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Financial Integrity

River of Grace believes that God calls us to be good stewards of the funds he has entrusted to us. This is why we have several layers of accountabilty in place to ensure the proper handling of funds. These include:

  • Regular review of spending by the Treasurer
  • Monthly meetings of our Business Administration Team to track revenue and expenditures
  • Elder oversight of budget and Business Administration Team

We believe that having the proper overisght and accountibility will help us be good stewards of what ultimately belongs to the Lord and prevent mishandling of funds.