Our Core Values

Our core values shape how we go about ministry. As a church, we want to be clear about the things that we value as most important. Our core values help us make decisions and keep focused on the the mission we have to make disciples who rest, walk, and share in the love of Jesus. Our core values are:

  • Jesus is Everything.  It’s about: His Kingdom

  • God Does the Work.  It’s about: Prayerful Dependence

  • Busyness is the Enemy.  It’s about: Restful Rhythms

  • Everything is a Gift.  It’s about: Joyful Generosity

  • Growth Happens Together.  It’s about: Intentional Relationship

  • Take the Next Step.  It’s about: Forward Progress

  • Everyone Matters.  It’s about: Honoring Others

  • Scripture is the Light.  It’s about: Seeing Clearly

  • God’s Mission is Our Purpose.  It’s about: Good News